World’s Most Accurate Ethylene Sensors Available Now

Accurate and affordable ethylene sensors can control ripening and de-greening to precise levels of ethylene gas.  The sensors eliminate the guesswork of ethylene gassing, with a typical setpoint of 20 parts per million (ppm) for ripening, and 4 to 5 ppm for de-greening.

“Our ethylene sensors are accurate to within 2% of full scale,” explained Jim Still of Global Cooling, Inc., the company that offers the patented sensors.  “That’s better than 1 ppm accuracy for our 0 to 20 ppm sensor.”

Global has field-tested the sensors, and is confident in their performance.  “We have a ripening client, who has been gassing bananas to 20 ppm, for more than a year, and it works every time, extremely reliable.”  The ethylene sensors and controllers are designed to work well with both Catalytic Generators® and cylinder gas.

“We are not particularly fond of using pure ethylene gas from cylinders for de-greening or ripening,” explained Still.  “But if you are going to use pure ethylene, our sensors can give you a measure of safety you have never had before.”

The ethylene sensors also minimize the use, and expense, of gassing supplies, including both liquid ethylene concentrate, and cylinder gas – whether pure ethylene or banana gas.

“Maybe the most important aspect of using the sensors for low level gassing,” continued Still, “is that when use ‘just enough’ ethylene gas, you don’t unintentionally ripen the fruit in the adjacent rooms, and do not pollute your entire warehouse with ethylene gas.”

The ethylene sensors are available in both 0 to 20 ppm, and 0 to 100 ppm ranges, and come with a two-year guarantee.

Global also offers sensors for carbon dioxide and relative humidity, as well as ultrasonic humidifiers and air sanitizers.

“If you are presently using glass tubes to sample your ethylene gas levels,” concluded Still, “one of our ethylene sensors can pay for itself in short order, by eliminating the cost and time required by the glass tubes.”

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ethylene sensor

ethylene sensor

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    we require ethylene sensor display 4 banana ripening rooms

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    requirement of ethylene gas sensor and display

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    we need ethylene sensors for mango. please send specification and cost .

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