Vertical Airflow Precooling Doubles Capacity in Same Floor Space

Vertical Airflow Precoolers allow packhouses to double or triple daily throughput, without adding on to the building.

vertical airflow precooler

vertical airflow precooler

The 2-tier forced-air cooling systems, allow packhouse operators to go up, and not out, to increase capacity.

Precooling is the term, for quickly lowering the temperature of fresh cut fruit and vegetables, to ideal storage conditions.  Often the produce is harvested at 85F (30C), and then quickly cooled to 32F (0C), in a matter on hours.  Precooling is also required, after already cooled product is “re-packed”, where it can again rise in temperature, to 45F (7C.)

Vertical Airflow Precoolers use pallet racking, so that pallets of hot fruit or veg, can be cooled stacked 2-high.  If 12 pallets occupy a floorspace footprint, with a tarped tunnel precooler, the vertical airflow design allows 24 pallets to be cooled in that same space.

The vertical design also eliminates the traditional precooling problem of “last pallets to cool”, which is typically those two pallet positions furthest from the suction fan or fans.  So the design also precools faster, at the same time it physically doubles precooling pallet positions.  With the faster cooling times, capacity can actually triple.

Evaporator (cooling coil) , and compressor/condenser requirements are obviously larger as well.  Capacity can be quickly added to existing refrigeration systems by supplying a packaged chiller system or systems.

More information about Vertical Airflow Precooling is available from Global Cooling Inc.

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vertical airflow precooler

vertical airflow precooler

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