Vertical Airflow Pre-Coolers™ Increase Capacity without Increasing Building Size

Vertical Airflow Pre-Coolers™ can help grower-packers, to greatly increase throughput, without increasing building size.

Because Vertical Airflow precoolers can be built for 2-pallets-high, they can double the throughput of a cooling facility, in the same floor space being used now.

“We think this is the future of the industry,” explained Global’s founder, Jim Still.  “Vertical airflow pre-coolers cost a little more than tarp tunnels, but the advantages are overwhelming.”

The vertical airflow pre-coolers also require a smaller footprint, or floor space, than do tarp tunnels, saving even more warehouse or cold room real estate.

“Grower-packers can dramatically increase precooling capacity,” Still continued, “by installing our vertical precoolers, with pallet racking, so they can precool two-pallets-high.”

“So our customers can more than double their daily cooling capacity,” Still explained, “without having to build expensive additions, or deal with other time-consuming and expensive issues including zoning, permits, land conversion, building construction, and related.”

The vertical airflow design also provides for more-uniform temperature reduction, as all pallets receive the same temperature and pressure airflow.

“Pre-cooling” – which is the term for quickly reducing the temperature of fresh harvested fruit and vegetables, to ideal temperatures – greatly helps to extend the shelf life and net weight to sell, of almost all fresh produce.

Global Cooling is a leading supplier of refrigeration designs to fresh fruit companies in the Philadelphia region, and exports worldwide.

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Two-high vertical airflow precoolers

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