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The Relationship Between Temperature and Produce Quality

If my product is going to rewarm in handling, is it better to not cool it rather than subject it to cooling and then reheating?

Best quality is obtained by keeping produce as cold as possible as long as possible. Rewarming is not desirable, but not cooling at all is even worse. Continue reading

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Vertical Airflow Pre-Coolers™ Increase Capacity without Increasing Building Size

Vertical Airflow Pre-Coolers™ can help grower-packers, to greatly increase throughput, without increasing building size. Because Vertical Airflow precoolers can be built for 2-pallets-high, they can double the throughput of a cooling facility, in the same floor space being used now. … Continue reading

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Did You Know Fresh Grapes Last for 2 Months or Longer with Proper PreCooling?

Grapes are the oldest fruit known to man. The Spanish are credited  with the introduction of grapes to America over 300 years ago. Grapes are grown in the temperate zones around the world including  Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America … Continue reading

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Forced Air Pre-Cooling Basics

Forced Air Pre-cooling is being used more and more, especially with concerns about phyto-sanitary conditions of water-based pre-cooling methods (hydro-cooling and vacuum-cooling.) Where do we start with design of forced-air pre-cooling? How much air do we need? At what static … Continue reading

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