Portable Forced-Air Precooling Tunnel Available

(Philadelphia, PA, USA)

There is a new, ready-to-use Precooling System, from Global Cooling Inc. The powerful unit comes completely assembled and ready to use.

The Jet-Ready Precooler features two 10HP fans mounted on a hot-dipped galvanized steel frame. IMG_1007When used with eight (8) pallets, it delivers more than 4,000 cfm per pallet, at normal static pressure.

“We are constantly striving to make our products better, to provide more value for our customers,” explained Global Cooling’s CVO, Jim “Banana Jim” Still. “Over the years, we’ve had a number of operators ask for a ready-to-use unit, and that spurred us to come up with this new offering” 

The first-of-its-kind unit comes on a structural steel base that measures 48-inches wide x 4-inches deep, and can be easily moved by a forklift.

The Jet-Ready also includes foam pads and tarp, variable frequency drive motor controller, electrical disconnect, motor overloads, a touchscreen control panel, and flashing beacon light pole to signal ready, cooling, and done/holding. An adjustable timer also allows for automatic change to low speed or off at the ended of a programmed time period.

The Jet-Ready does not include it’s own cooling coil or compressor, but instead circulates already-cooled air from inside the existing cold storage warehouse.

The unit is ideal for inspected cold stores,” Still continued, “as well as for food processing or manufacturing plants that need spot-cooling, or -drying, of in-process product.”IMG_0872(1)

All of the controls and electrical safeties are furnished in Nema-4X/IP65 enclosures, in addition to being completely pre-wired and tested.

A “magnehelic gage” is also provided, so that the strength of the airflow can be measured and controlled.

For more information about Jet Precoolers, see.  www.Pre-Coolers.net. Or eMail to:  Solutions@Pre-Coolers.net. Jim Still, President/CVO, Global Cooling Inc. NE-USA Headquarters, 170 Foxcatcher Lane, Media, PA 19063 USA. Phone 1-610-248-9800.

About Banana Jim

Invented Tarpless Ripening in 1990 (some would argue that!), working at D Theoderedis in Bethlehem, PA. Founded Thermal Technologies, then sold it in 1997. Now head up Global Cooling, with the best ripening rooms and precoolers available. Ethylene scrubbers and ultrasonic humidifiers, too.
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