Names for fruit and vegetables in different parts of the world.

The same produce commodity items, are known by different names in different countries.

Here’s a list.

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Abogado Avocado
Alligator pear Avocado
Alfalfa sprouts Sprouts
Anon Sapodilla
Apple cactus Dragon fruit
Apple pear Asian pear
Araçá boi Arazá fruit
Avocat Avocado
Basil Annual culinary herbs
Bean sprouts Sprouts
Beets Beetroot
Belgian endive Chicory
Bell pepper Pepper
Bhendi Okra
Bhindi Okra
Boy-toyo Bok choy
Cactus fruit Prickly pear
Cactus pad Nopalitos
Cactus pear Prickly pear
Caimito Sapodilla
Calabaza Pumpkins
Calabrese Broccoli
Canary melon Honey Dew Melon
Cantelope Netted melon
Carambola Star fruit
Casaba melon Honey Dew Melon
Cassave Cassava
Cay mang cut Mangosteen
Chervil Annual culinary herbs
Chico mamey Sapodilla
Chico zapote Sapodilla
Chiku Sapodilla
Chile pepper Pepper
Chinese apple Pomegranate
Chinese chard Bok choy
Chinese chive Perennial culinary herbs
Chinese date plum Persimmon
Chinese long bean Bean
Chinese okra Luffa
Chinese pear Asian pear
Chive Perennial culinary herbs
Ciku Sapodilla
Claytonia Salad greens
Cocoyam Taro
Collards Greens for cooking
Coriander Annual culinary herbs
Corn salad Salad greens
Crenshaw melon Honey Dew Melon
Custard apple Avocado
Daikon Radish
Dandelion Salad greens
Dasheen Taro
Date Plum Persimmon
Dill Annual culinary herbs
Dilly Sapodilla
Duku Longkong
Dulian Durian
Duren Durian
Duyin Durian
Eddoe Taro
Elderberry Currant
Escarole Endive and Escarole
Field salad Salad greens
Filbert Hazelnut
Fire dragon fruit Dragon fruit
Flat bean Bean
French bean Bean
French sorrel Salad greens
Garden sorrel Salad greens
Gooseberry Currant
Globe artichoke Artichoke, globe
Collard greens Greens for Cooking
Gombo Okra
Green bean Bean
Green cabbage Cabbage
Green onion Onion
Grosse sapote Sapodilla
Groundnut Peanut
Gumbo Okra
Hamburg parsley Parsley
Husk tomato Tomatillo
Japanese pear Asian pear
Wax apple Java plum
Kadu Durian
Kale Greens for cooking
Kang kong Water convolvulvus
Kong xin cai Water convolvulvus
La pitahaya rouge Dragon fruit
Lady’s finger Okra
Lamb’s lettuce Salad greens
Langsat Longkong
Lanson Longkong
Lychee Litchi
Long bean Bean
Lucuma Sapodilla
Malanga Taro
Malay apple Wax apple
Mamey Sapodilla
Mandioca Cassava
Manggistan Mangosteen
Mangis Mangosteen
Mangkhut Mangosteen
Mangostan Mangosteen
Mangostanier Mangosteen
Mangostao Mangosteen
Manggustan Mangosteen
Manioc Cassava
Marjoram Perennial culinary herbs
Marmalade fruit Sapodilla
Matai Waterchestnut
Melon, Honeydew Honeydew
Melon, Netted Netted melon
Mesetor Mangosteen
Miner’s lettuce Salad greens
Mongkhut Mangosteen
Mung bean sprouts Sprouts
Muskmelon Netted melon
Mustard cabbage Bok choy
Mustard greens Greens for cooking
Nachi Asian pear
Nasberry Sapodilla
Néspero Sapodilla
Noplaes Nopalitos
Oregano Perennial culinary herbs
Oriental pear Asian pear
Oxheart cabbage Cabbage
Oyster plant Salsify
Pak-choy Bok choy
Pake boong Water convolvulvus
Pak-tsoi Bok choy
Palta Avocado
Paprika Pepper
Peppermint Perennial culinary herbs
Pichi Arazá fruit
Pitahaya Dragon fruit
Pitaya roja Dragon fruit
Pod bean Bean
Quaio Okra
Quingumbo Okra
Rape Greens for cooking
Red beet Beet
Rian Durian
Rocket salad Salad greens
Roquette Salad greens
Rose apple Wax apple
Rose water apple Wax apple
Rosemary Perennial culinary herbs
Round sorrel Salad greens
Rucola Salad greens
Rugula Salad greens
Runner bean Bean
Rupina caspi Arazá fruit
Sage Perennial culinary herbs
Salad chervil Annual culinary herbs
Salad pear Asian pear
Sand apple Asian pear
Sapota Sapodilla
Sapote Sapodilla
Saurieng Durian
Savory Annual culinary herbs
Savoy cabbage Cabbage
Sementah Mangosteen
Semetah Mangosteen
Sha Li pear Asian pear
Shalea pear Asian pear
Shallot Onion
Snap bean Bean
Sororia Arazá fruit
Sorrel Salad greens
Spearmint Perennial culinary herbs
Spinach Greens for cooking
Sponge gourd Luffa
Spring onion Onion
Sprouting broccoli Broccoli
Star apple Sapodilla
Star fruit Carambola
Stinkvrucht Durian
Stinky rose Garlic
Strawberry pear Dragon fruit
String bean Bean
Sugar pea Pea
Summer savory Annual culinary herbs
Summer squash Squash
Sunchokes Jerusalem artichoke
Swedes Rutabaga
Swedish turnips Rutabaga
Sweetsop Sapodilla
Sweet cherry Cherry, sweet
Sweet pepper Pepper
Table beet Beet
Taisai Bok choy
Tamarindo Tamarind
Tangerine Mandarin and Tangerine
Tannier Taro
Tarragon Perennial culinary herbs
Thang loy Dragon fruit
Thureen Durian
Thurian Durian
Thyme Perennial culinary herbs
Tree tomato Tamarillo
Turnip-rooted cabbage Kohlrabi or Rutabaga
Turnip greens Greens for cooking
Vegetable oyster Salsify
Water cabbage Water convolvulvus
White celery mustard Bok choy
White sapote Sapodilla
Whitloof Chicory
Winter purslane Salad greens
Winter spinach Water convolvulvus
Yard-long bean Bean
Yellow pitaya Dragon fruit
Yellow wax bean Bean
Yuca Cassava
Zapote Sapodilla
Zucchini Squash

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