Jet Precooler Provides Affordable Forced-Air Cooling to Preserve Freshness

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If you are a farmer or packhouse looking to rapidly cool your fresh fruit, vegetables, or floral, the Jet Precooler might be exactly what you are looking for.

The Jet Precooler, offered by Global Cooling Inc. of the USA, is provided in a kit, and is special engineered for rapid cooling for fresh produce and floral.

“We introduced the product line early in 2011,” explained Jim Still of Global Cooling, “in response to a near void of effective and affordable precooling equipment in the market.  Thus far, demand has been quite brisk.” forced air precooler

The Jet Precooler kit includes (2) high volume high pressure suction fans, with premium efficiency motors.  “We also include our tarps and foam pads, as well as a motor speed controller (variable frequency drive) and air pressure gage,” so that the operator can rest assured of a complete system that works well together.

Upon delivery, the farm or packhouse uses local labor to assemble all, with Global providing drawings and details for guidance, thereby saving double markups on equipment supply, and contractors’ priced labor.

The Jet Precooler is placed in an existing cold room, which has enough cooling capacity and airflow to work with the Jet unit, and pull field- or packhouse-heat out of up to 10 pallets at a time.  The Jet airflow typically will reduce the produce temperature to within 4 to 5 degrees fahrenheit of the room temperature.

The two fans together can move more than 20,000 cfm (42,475 cmh) at high static pressure.  “We are also trying to demistify this business a little,” continued Still.  “A lot of the companies in this space, do not like to have the customer understand how it works.”

“For example, by providing the air pressure gage, and motor speed controller, there is now a simple ‘feedback loop’, allowing the operator to optimize performance based on commodity, or number of pallets, or packaging.  This can reduce moisture loss, and save on electricity.”

There are “big brothers” of the Jet Precooler, the Jet-Plus and the KD Precooler, too.

The Jet-Plus Precooler also includes a large cooling coil (evaporator), for facilities that need more cooling capacity to go with their Jet Precooler.

Finally, for the best all-in precooling, Global offers the KD Precooler, in which the suction fans and cooling coil are offered in even larger size, and combined into a unitized air handling unit, so that all of the air sucked through the produce, is also moved through the cooling coil, without possibility of hot air bypass.

“The KD Precooler,” said Still, “assures there aren’t any ‘hot spots’, and assures the highest relative humidity level.”

Global also offers condensing units, if there is not enough capacity onsite, and installation and consulting services.

For more information, contact:  Jim Still, President, Global Cooling Inc.


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