Free Report: Fresh Produce “Temperature and Quality”, by Jim Thompson

(Philadelphia, PA, USA)

Global Cooling Inc. offers a white paper, “Temperature and Quality”, by Jim Thompson, UC-Davis.  This is the first in a series of informational articles about Forced-Air Precooling.

“Temperature is the most important factor controlling the postharvest life of fresh produce,” according to Jim Still, President and Founder of Global Cooling Inc., which specializes in forced air precooling and ripening.

An excerpt from the paper:

Q:  “If my product is going to rewarm in handling, is it better to not cool it rather than subject it to cooling and then reheating?”

A:  Best quality is obtained by keeping produce as cold as possible as long as possible. Rewarming is not desirable, but not cooling at all is even worse.

To request your copy of the paper, eMail us.

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