Forklift Exhaust turns carrots into Horse Food…

An Australian farmer thought she was doing everything right, but didn’t know about ethylene from internal combusion engines…An excerpt.

“Getting the grading / packing line up and running properly
took a couple of days, then we were ready to roll. By now
the high humidity cool room was getting full with bins of
washed carrots. I grabbed one from a bin harvested on
day one to have a bite – it tasted awful and bitter! What
had happened? I knew that the same batch coming in
from the field had been very sweet. Then it dawned on me
– we had used a gas forklift inside the cool room over the
last four days. Our door curtains and policy of keeping the
room closed at all times, had allowed enough ethylene to
build up to turn the carrots bitter. The first batch was the
worst and it had to go to the horses; electric forklifts were
hired straight away.”

Read the entire article:  Forklift-exhaust-turns-carrots-into-horse-food.

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