Detailed info about how Controlled Atmosphere Ripening Works – A Series

CAR involves airflow, static pressure, temperature, humidity, ethylene, and oxygen/carbon dioxide, and how they inter-relate.

Precise control of ethylene gassing, and oxygen / carbon dioxide levels, elude all but the most astute operators, as do their benefits.

Better airflow control – such as reversing direction based on time or temperature – is also a little known technique.

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Invented Tarpless Ripening in 1990 (some would argue that!), working at D Theoderedis in Bethlehem, PA. Founded Thermal Technologies, then sold it in 1997. Now head up Global Cooling, with the best ripening rooms and precoolers available. Ethylene scrubbers and ultrasonic humidifiers, too.
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2 Responses to Detailed info about how Controlled Atmosphere Ripening Works – A Series

  1. Good day Jim
    We are a company in South Africa who are looking at building a two tier banana ripening room to hold 32 pallets we have had good results with single stack 16 pallet room with duel discharge coils in the center. My concearn is how would we get equal air flow over the bottom row pallets, can we use the same design with the duel discharge coils and maybe have a reverse fan function.
    I would apreciate any help


    • Banana Jim says:

      Doug – reversing requires a different approach to the air seals/gaskets, as out to make sense.
      Reversing’s main benefit, is reducing airflow, and saving electrical costs,
      but most reversing fans are less efficient than 1 way fans. Recommend staying 1 way, for simplicity.
      If you give us more details, we can quote on the coils, racking, seals, and controls, also door.
      Better address is, I reply to those faster.

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