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Postharvest Links

For personal use only. Ripe Bananas Glow Blue Under UV Light UC Davis – New technology for Working with Ethylene UC Davis – Ethylene Might Accelerate Deteriorization of Perishables UC Davis Guestbook UC Davis Postharvest Facts All UC Davis Publications … Continue reading

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Vertical Airflow Precooling Doubles Capacity in Same Floor Space

Vertical Airflow Precoolers allow packhouses to double or triple daily throughput, without adding on to the building. The 2-tier forced-air cooling systems, allow packhouse operators to go up, and not out, to increase capacity. Precooling is the term, for quickly … Continue reading

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World’s Most Accurate Ethylene Sensors Available Now

Accurate and affordable ethylene sensors can control ripening and de-greening to precise levels of ethylene gas.  The sensors eliminate the guesswork of ethylene gassing, with a typical setpoint of 20 parts per million (ppm) for ripening, and 4 to 5 … Continue reading

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Names for fruit and vegetables in different parts of the world.

The same produce commodity items, are known by different names in different countries. Here’s a list. To find: See: Abogado Avocado Alligator pear Avocado Alfalfa sprouts Sprouts Anon Sapodilla Apple cactus Dragon fruit Apple pear Asian pear Araçá boi Arazá … Continue reading

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Mango Ripening

To facilitate successful marketing of mangoes using conventional packaging and postharvest handling methods, mangoes destined for import into the USA are harvested at the mature green stage while still firm. The fruit are then ripened after they arrive in the … Continue reading

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Vertical Airflow Pre-Coolers™ Reduce Pre-Cooling Time and Save Energy Costs

Vertical Airflow Pre-Coolers™ can help savvy produce operators, to save pre-cooling time, which increases shelf life and quality for fruit and vegetables. Global Cooling Inc., one of the leading innovators worldwide in forced air-cooling systems, designed and built the first … Continue reading

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Controlled Atmosphere Ripening – Part 3 – All about Ethylene Gassing

All about Ethylene… How much ethylene gas is enough?  Can you use too much ethylene?  For how long do you gas?  Can you / should you use fresh air ventilation while gassing? If you ask five different people, you might … Continue reading

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Controlled Atmosphere Ripening – Part 2

The least understood component of fruit ripening, is carbon dioxide. (CO2) We have seen CO2 at as high as 10%, in ripening rooms set to 67-degrees-F.  We are amazed that there has never been a reported incident of ripener CO2 … Continue reading

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Forced Air Pre-Cooling Basics

Forced Air Pre-cooling is being used more and more, especially with concerns about phyto-sanitary conditions of water-based pre-cooling methods (hydro-cooling and vacuum-cooling.) Where do we start with design of forced-air pre-cooling? How much air do we need? At what static … Continue reading

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Air Requirements of Ripening

Banana ripening airflow, and cooling requirements, are a little-understood “art”. But there is a science to it…we will try to explain. Most fruit have a specific heat of 9/10th’s of a BTU per pound. We use 1 BTU/pound as the … Continue reading

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